Experts See India’s Gang Rape Realization as It’s Own “Arab Spring”

Journalists and social analysts look to India and its continuing protests upholding the basic rights of women and the reduction of rape crimes in India, which is a common criminal act condoned and possibly committed by those who are part of its police force. Over 24,000 rapes had happened in India in 2011 and in New Delhi alone in 2012, 600 rape cases were reported to local lawmen.

Analysts see that rape being a common crime in India is a symbol of a dysfunctional government, a broken public safety system with little public surveillance and a police force that is drowning deep in corruption. Reported cases, while their numbers are staggering, amount no less than the unreported cases of rape. The suicide of a 17 year old who was a victim of rape by three men during the Diwali festival is one of the reasons why women do not report the crime committed against them to the police.

Experts and analysts see that Indian citizens are greatly upset, notably the middle class. The death of rape victim “Damini”, who was raped and tortured by six men, enraged the public for swift justice for her predicament. Experts and analysts compared it to the Arab spring, where Egypt took down its dictator strongman Hosni Mubarak and the Libyan civil war.

India is asking for social climate change, especially respect for the basic rights of women. It needs to lead the real reform and change and sustain this new effort by ensuring that their leaders recognize the new and radical change as needed by the country, according to experts.

Source: CNN

Egyptian Leader Calls for Al-Assad’s War Crimes Trial By End of Conflict

As soon as the Syrian civil war finally ends, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy wishes that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to face trial for all the war crimes committed by him and his administration before and during the Syrian civil war. Morsy states that the people would move to a better state of government, which they will choose, and that the final decision for al-Assad’s trial is left to the people.

Bashar al-Assad had quashed anti-government rallies and protests in 2011 violently, which forced many of its people to declare war against its government. Over 60,000 people have died in the course of the conflict, which is now more than a year and a half.

Recently, al-Assad stated at the Syrian national channel that external extremists are attacking Syria and stated that the new attackers only know the language of killing and criminality.

Most casualties of the Syrian civil war were civilians, mostly women and children, due to the indiscriminate weaponry occasionally used by both the regime and the rebels. However, the regime continuously bombs villages to flush out rebels, killing civilians in the process.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy continues to call on al-Assad to step down. Morsy states that Egypt supports Syria’s people in their battle and that they have to win the conflict.

Source: CNN

Brutal Gang Rape Suspects All Convicted of Murder Upon Victim’s Death

The death of “Damini” the name given by protesters to the 23 year old gang rape victim in India, showed the compassion and anger of Indian natives against rape crimes that are common in India. Over 600 cases of rape were recorded in India in 2012 alone. The Human Rights Watch sees the Indian rape cases as already at alarming levels and something needs to be done.

The six suspects, including the bus driver and minor inside the bus where the brutal gang-rape happened, were all convicted of murder charges. Damini, and her male companion were traveling inside the bus when the suspects arrived. The male companion tried to protect her but was overpowered with minor injuries. After the incident, she was in intensive care for weeks until last week was flown to Singapore where she passed away.

Her incident sparked outrage across India, with massive protests staged against government for the many incidents of rape in the country, including a 17 year old girl raped during the Diwali season, but was turned away and given the option of dropping the case or marrying one of the suspects.

The protests also tackled the issue of police and lawmen becoming the rapists themselves. Several police officers and high ranking officials have been sacked because of their involvement for sexually harassing women complainants. This is also one reason why the Indian rape count is incomplete; most women will not report their case as the police are of no help.

The family of the victim requested for their daughter’s privacy as well as their own, which had protesters call the young woman “Damini” and the Times of India as “Nirbhaya”, both meaning “lightning” and “fearless” in Indian.

Source: CNN

Egypt Tension Rises as Top Prosecutor Retracts Resignation

Talaat Abdullah, Egypt’s current General Prosector, states that he resigned on Monday pressured and “within abnormal circumstances” with prosecutors protesting against him in front of his office. However, he retracted his resignation on Thursday.

Abdullah could cause new tensions in the country as he pressured a judge not to release some 130 anti-Morsi protesters who were taken into their custody after the Decemeber 5 clashes between them and the members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi’s political party, which led to the death of 10 people.

After investigation, Morsi confirmed that many of his anti protesters were paid to attack the Muslim Brotherhood. However, this claim was refuted by the investigating judge.

Abdullah’s retraction of his resignation could spark public ire, according to political experts. Egypt is currently politically unstable given the post-effects of Morsi’s “power-grab” decrees and the voting of the new draft constitution are still fresh in people’s minds. The imprisonment of the 130 protesters can place Morsi, and his General Prosecutor, under intense scrutiny yet again.

Political forces remain split into two camps. Egypt political critics called Morsi “worse than Hosni” given that he brought the entire country into a potential “civil war”, having hundreds of thousands of opposition members and the entire Egyptian judiciary protesting against Morsi’s government.

The second round of voting for the draft constitution is set this Saturday.

Source: Yahoo

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Effective Steps to File an Effective Whiplash Compensation Claim

A sure-fire way to earn compensation for your whiplash injuries is to pay great attention to detail and always know that you are in the right. Many whiplash claims are now easily rejected by insurers because of fake and exaggerated claims by many motorists. Here are a few steps to take into consideration when filing for whiplash claims.

1. The accident scene can tell the story of your car accident injuries. A car accident with a car being nudged by a speeding vehicle is most likely to get the victims a whiplash claim. In Germany, the threshold for validating whiplash injuries is when the collision happens with the offending driver traveling at 10km/h. It is best to use this as a gauge when filing for whiplash compensation.

2. You should be careful when filing for whiplash compensation and seemingly faking or exaggerating your injury without substantial evidence. For one, whiplash injuries do not leave easy traces as even medical experts find it difficult to identify at once. Having two or more medical professionals observe the after-shock of the whiplash injury can help them point that your other complications were caused by the accident.

3. Victims should file their police report within 24 hours after the accident. If the accident is quite severe, the hospital and investigating authorities can do this for them. It is important to have your incident reported to allow you legal right to acquire information from your accident report.

4. Insurance companies might challenge your whiplash claim, so it is very important for you to know how to defend it. Evidences in the form of medical reports, photographs or videos of the accident and other ways to show that your whiplash injury is valid can help you prove that you need whiplash compensation.

Mohamed Morsy to Address Egyptian Public Amid Violent Protests

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is scheduled to address the Egyptian public about the new constitution on Thursday even if the Egyptian general public are staging riots against his decree and the constitution. The Presidential Chief-of-Staff Refaa El-Tahtawy said that the speech contained important news for Egypt but did not specifically address the topics.

President Morsi left the palace on Tuesday through the back door of the presidential palace, and then returned today after approving the new constitution that Egyptian protests “is unfair and is only subject to one political organization”. Protesters are blaming Morsi’s decree of judicial immunity for his presidential decisions and actions before a new constitution in 2013 is established to the walking out of many assembly representatives, leaving 11 to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the political backing of Mohamed Morsi.

Peaceful protests by citizens in the Tahrir Square of Cairo collapsed to chaos and violence right after pro and anti Morsi supporters began to throw rocks, fireworks and petrol grenades at each other. An estimated 271 people had been injured in the skirmishes, ranging from cuts, burns and fractures.

Egyptian judiciaries have also joined the opposition against Mohamed Morsi’s decree. Around 90% of courts in the country were closed and only about 15% of the judiciary are going to office.

Critics called Mohamed Morsi’s decree a sudden “power grab” which makes him worse than ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak by having the entire country fight a potential civil war.

Source: ZeeNews

Ideas to Make Your PPI Claim Easier

PPI or payment protection insurance is an insurance policy designed to repay your loans, mortgages and credit cards should you find yourself having trouble repaying due to sickness or unemployment. Almost the entire United Kingdom was mis sold this insurance policy and making a PPI claim is the only way to regain your refunds. Here are a few things that could help you make your PPI claim easier.

1. Talk to a Former Claimant

By the time you’ve read this article, millions of people have successfully made their PPI claim and might have succeeded or failed in getting their repayments. Talking to a former claimant can help you get an idea as to what to expect when claiming PPI. A ton of advice can come from articles like these, explaining what you need and what to do, but nothing can compare to a former claimant’s or a claims expert’s qualitative observation.

2. Knowing How You Are Mis Sold PPI

By only having your first billing statement and proof that you are retired, having a pre-existing medical condition or unemployed and self employed by the time you purchased the insurance, you could get your claim. However, you will need to fill out the claims form, and it is essential that you state the reason why the PPI was mis sold to you. Explaining how you know you were mis sold PPI, such as the broker pushed it to you, claimed it as a requirement or increased the chances of loan application success, can help your claim progress faster.

3. Working With a Claims Expert

Surely, banks and authorities talk deridingly about claims management companies, but in reality, they are only there to help even with cold calls and text messages. If you have properly evaluated your claim and you understand how difficult and time-consuming the claim can be especially if there’s more than two mis sold PPI, working with a PPI claims expert is a must.

Car Financing: Things You Need to Know

Car financing is quite easy with the many offers present today, but hard to have one approved. However, it is possible to easily finance a car if you understand what your lenders are looking for in a borrower. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Credit Scores

Your credit scores are very much important in this case. Lenders first review your credit scores from credit bureaus. If you don’t have much of a high score, the lender’s trust might be in doubt. Ensure that you have at least a score of 630 to 680 to ensure that you get the financing you need.

2. Credit Unions

If you can’t work it with conventional lenders and banks, you might want to try working with a credit union that you belong with. You can belong to a credit union if you deposit your savings with the union, have a “common” or “shared” ground with them and you can present yourself as someone trustworthy. The “common ground” might mean profession, such as a medical professional or construction worker’s credit union. They might not base on your credit score, but they have a limited set of options depending on your financial capability. At least you don’t risk being wrongly sold PPI.

3. Will the Rates Work For You?

In any case, assess from three or four lenders and their rates and see which one has potential and which one gives you more value for money. If you find that a lender has acceptable rates for the bonuses they provide you, you could actually go for such rates. Some lenders can also be haggled with, just compare all three rates and see if you can negotiate a good deal by reduction and compromise. For example, you could avoid having to make a PPI claim if you can have them remove the insurance policy and instead lower your rates.

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